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Fraser Island

May 4

A little gem of an island off the coast of Australia in Queensland, Fraser Island is another world.

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May 1

Despite being massively hyped up by Joanne, Sydney did not disappoint. Helped by having gorgeous weather.

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Gone Trampin'

April 19

Highs, lows and other-worldy views, we wouldn't trade our tramping experience for anything. Well... maybe slightly better weather on the Routeburn track, but that's it.

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New Zealand South Island

April 18

After being rained on (a lot) on our last day in the North Island and having to abandon the Tongariro Crossing :( we were nicely surprised to be greeted with gorgeous weather as we sailed into the South Island.

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New Zealand North Island

April 11

As soon as we hit the road in NZ in our little rental car, we were impressed by two things - the stunning beauty of the scenery and the crazy windiness of the roads. We soon realized that what looked like a short distance on the map did not go so fast when you're going from one 30km/hr bend to the next! But across the North Island, the scenery did not fail to impress (and the south island even more so).

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April 2

There is something about the air as soon as you step off the plane in Hawaii. Perhaps it is the Aloha, but whatever it is, it's nice.

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Day One

April 1

We spent the flight second-guessing ourselves. Did we do something ridiculous? Forget something important? Probably, but it is too late at this point.

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Boston farewells you

March 31

It was a mad dash out of Boston. There was a last minute sublease of the apartment, a car sale 14 hours before leaving and a barely legal trash disposal under the cover of night. And the big trip has started! We begin by celebrating the start of the trip with friends and family. Not a goodbye, more of a see you soon.

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Where in the World?

Beijing, China | June 30

A Quick Word From The Road

30 Jun 07

Hanging out with Shawn in Beijing. Leaving for Trans-Siberian train on tuesday – first stop Mongolia!

10 Jun 07

D'oh! Flickr images are blocked in China it seems, so uploading and organizing will be a challenge :)

9 Jun 07

Yangshuo scenery is amazing, trying to see as much as we can inbetween downpours.

31 May 07

Relaxing in northern Thailand, looking forward to some cooking courses, hill tribe trekking and elephant riding.

23 May 07

Staying with Tesh in Singapore. Great to catch up with him last night, we'll see if we can stay up to watch the Liverpool game with him at 2 in the morning. Had an incredible time in Australia, but really looking forward to Asia.

21 May 07

1500km of driving through the Outback and not a bloody kangeroo in sight!

1 May 07

Having great weather in Sydney!

19 Apr 07

Getting ready to set off on the Milford and Routeburn tracks. 50+ miles of hiking, we'll see how we do!

13 Apr 07

Trying to finish travel blog in Wellington, NZ

12 Apr 07

Raining in Taupo! Will have to skip Tongariro Crossing :(